UK Garden, Glamping & Camping Pod Manufacturer


Pods by Future Rooms is a family-run wooden pod manufacturer that can design, build and install Pods throughout the UK. Our experience with Future Rooms has allowed us to gain expertise in manufacturing a wide range of bespoke buildings to high standards.

Each of our Pods is designed, built and installed to your specification and design by our in-house team, who offer a complete service package. You will have one point of contact throughout the whole project and we will agree key dates and timescales suited to your needs at the outset of your purchase. Our Services…


We have developed six stunning Pod models, which are the result of extensive research so that you can create the perfect Pod for you. Our different models…

Our Pods can be used for

  • Glamping sites – Made for use on glamping sites, sometimes known as posh or luxury camping.
  • Camping – Extra visitor accommodation for your site, depending on your requirements we can supply cheap up to very luxurious.
  • Gardens – Again like the models for camping but for home use, you can decide the function of the extra space.
  • Garden offices – If these are not suitable for your needs please visit our sister site
  • Accommodation for activity venues &; attractions – A venue or attraction could make use of land to provide guest accommodation using any of our models.

Installation Throughout The UK

Depending on the access to your site in UK the Pods are either fully manufactured and delivered ready built, or panels are constructed at ours then installed at yours. We will install the Pods to the area you have designated to it, and will connect it to the electricity supply and, if necessary, the water system for showers, sinks or toilets, provided it is brought to the area where the pods will be located.